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TimeZone: What I would like to know is how does Seiko view their Grand Seiko line in comparison to high quality Swiss watches. What do they perceive they offer in terms of brand value?

Seiko: We are very proud of our Grand Seiko collection. It is the only luxury watch collection in the world to offer a full range of watch technologies, from high-grade, super precise QuarTimeZone to Spring Drive and automatic. Furthermore, we believe that the Grand Seiko standard of precision over time is one of the very highest in the world. The values our brand offers are today the same as it was when Grand Seiko was first created 60 years ago: Grand Seiko is as accurate, as long-lasting, as comfortable and as legible as a watch can be.

TimeZone: If Seiko wish to gain an increased market share for their GS line what is their philosophy?

Seiko: The philosophy of Grand Seiko today is the same as when Grand Seiko was first created 60 years ago: our aim is that every Grand Seiko watch should be as accurate, as long-lasting, as comfortable and as legible as a watch can be. This philosophy has allowed our market share in Japan to become substantial and we believe that, as the rest of the world learns more about, and experiences, Grand Seiko, our share around the world will grow. Indeed this is already happening. Since the international launch, just four years ago, sales are enjoying double digit growth every year. However, let’s be clear; we will never compromise on the values of Grand Seiko in order to increase sales. We are very patient and we believe deeply in what Grand Seiko represents, namely the very best of Seiko.

TimeZone: Is it true that “products are generally allowed to be stamped with Made in Japan if they are produced outside the national boundaries as long as they are manufactured in a wholly owned Japanese firm where the work is overseen by Japanese nationals?”

Seiko: No. As in most countries, the designation of ‘Made in Japan’ can only be used if strict rules have been adhered to. We only use the designation ‘Made in Japan’, if the movement and the complete watch has been assembled in Japan.

TimeZone: Will there be a more affordable version of the “Spacewalk”?
Seiko: Not exactly, but in our Landmaster series, we offer a similar case with a Spring Drive movement and with the crown at the 12 o’clock position, just as in the Spacewalk model. The model is SBDB005.

TimeZone: Brand positioning of GS? How to increase the public awareness for its quality and high standard?

Seiko: We do not consciously ‘position’ Grand Seiko. The values that Grand Seiko offers today are the same as when Grand Seiko was first created 60 years ago: Every Grand Seiko watch is as accurate, as long-lasting, as comfortable and as legible as a watch can be. This has been is and always will be the philosophy of Grand Seiko.
As to how we will increase the public awareness, it is early days on the international market. It was only in 2010 that we made Grand Seiko available internationally and the brand is still young outside Japan. However, we are very pleased with the retail distribution we have achieved so far and with the welcome that the world’s media has given to Grand Seiko. At Baselworld, you will see that we give Grand Seiko the same prominence as we give to the Seiko brand itself. This is a clear demonstration of the importance we place on Grand Seiko for the long term.

TimeZone: Will Grand Seiko or Credor consider executing Bespoke Special Order Watches for their Clients?

Seiko: Not at the moment, and we have no plans to do so for Credor or for Grand Seiko. However, those who are interested in a customised watch may like to consider the Shizukuishi collection made by Morioka Seiko. These are hand-winding and automatic watches made to order at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Morioka and they can be customised to individual requirements. These watches are only available in Japan.

TimeZone: Are all parts of the GS made and assembled in plants in Japan?

Seiko: All the Grand Seiko watch components are made in Seiko’s own facilities, by companies fully owned (or in a very few instances, majority owned) by the Seiko Group. Of course, the assembly and finishing of all Grand Seiko watches is done in our two wholly owned luxury watch studios in Morioka and Shiojiri.

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